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Weekly Roundup: TVINNA, Osi and the Jupiter, Mörkriden

New music by Osi and the Jupiter, TVINNA, and NYTT LAND; newcomer Mörkriden teases the mysterious Skugga, while Munknörr and Rúnahild set out to collaborate.

August 15, 2021 — Kurgan Compass™ strives to cover grounded, genuine neofolk and related folk metal on a weekly basis — and each week has proven to be feast or famine so far. This one was a feast though, bringing an aura of celebration with new material released by TVINNA, Osi and the Jupiter, NYTT LAND, and Mörkriden — a new, mysterious Sweden-based folk project. Plus, Munknörr announced a collab with Runahild.


Weekly Roundup: NYTT LAND, Moonloom, Sun Dance Moon

Live stream rituals and new album from NYTT LAND, newcomer Moonloom dips its toes in neofolk, while the stealthy Sun and Moon Dance dropped a curious single.

August 6, 2021 — As Earth spins into August while the hay-making days of Norse summer month “Heyannir” draws to a close, Kurgan Compass’ neofolk adept James Paterson has harvested some interesting hearsay for the folk-minded in this week’s news roundup.


Weekly Roundup: Danheim, Bjorth, Herknungr, Osi

Four well-respected artists appeased fans this week with new songs and albums brimming with moody, thunderous percussion and haunting vocals.

July 24, 2021 — It has been a few busy days for fans of Nordic folk music — artists seem to be revving up for autumn and winter. Over the course of last week, news of upcoming albums and the haunting auditory delights of new tracks filtering into the Kurgan Compass™ sphere of awareness. Mark Ottarp provides a full roundup.


Osi Teases New Album With ‘Folk of the Woods’ Video

Americana band Osi and the Jupiter gives fans a taste of upcoming album; video released on neofolk-metal label Eisenwald’s YouTube channel.

June 23, 2021 — Ohio-based Osi and the Jupiter has released a new music video ahead of their much-anticipated new album. The surprise-drop song, which has a distinct country vibe to it, is the lead track of Osi and the Jupiter’s highly anticipated new album “whose details will be revealed soon” according to the band. FULL STORY »

Munknörr To Release New Album ‘Shaman’ in June

Primordial, spiritual duo Munknörr have confirmed a June 10th release date for their upcoming atmospheric neofolk album, Shaman.

May 17, 2021 — Atmospheric neofolk outfit Munknörr recently provided details of their upcoming album, titled Shaman.


Herknungr Returns With New album ‘Ættingi’

Prolific Heathen folk composer Alex McCree takes us inside a living Viking settlement with the substantial dark ambient album ‘Ættingi’.

May 13, 2021 — Ambient neofolk project Herknungr has just released their full-length follow up to the Anglo-Saxon-inspired Ængletribe EP, released earlier this year, in the shape of Ættingi.


Herknungr Drops Surprise Single Release on Bandcamp

‘ÆngleTribe’ Song Title Suggests Music Inspired By the Origins of England.

February 24, 2021Herknungr has just released folk music single “ÆngleTribe”. Which bears a title that hints at the Germano-Danish people who gave England its name. FULL STORY »

Hrafngrímr releases new Single ‘Fylgja’

Former Skáld vocalist returns to form with Neo-Norse work of art.

January 30, 2021 — Folk music act Hrafngrímr has released a new single entitled Fylgja. A newly formed group spearheaded by German-born Mattjö Haussy. A former vocalist/instrumentalist of the Franco-Nordic super-folk group Skáld. FULL STORY »

Danheim & Heldom Take On The New Year With Viking-Inspired Neofolk

One of 2021’s first Nordic folk song releases is Viking-inspired ‘Runamal’ — materializes out of thin air.

January 24, 2021 — Danish folk music stalwarts Danheim and Heldom have released a surprise team-effort: .. FULL STORY »

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