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Blood Moon Fortnight:
Sowulo, Draugablíkk, Munknörr, The HU, etc.

This Full Moon Fortnight is chock full of folk with only a pinch of metal — from Sowulo, Irdorath, Fuimadane, Draugablíkk, and The HU, there is plenty to listen to.

May 16, 2022 — This Full Moon Fortnight might not be rich as some of our previous, but do not let that dissuade you. With new music from artists ready to release new albums like Munknörr and Vévaki, to the thrashing metal of Irdorath, and the announcement of The HU’s second album, there is enough to keep you busy till next time. Besides, today marks a special occasion for those versed in lunar lore, as the eclipse is known as the (super flower) blood moon because of its spectacular, reddish appearance.


Full Moon Fortnight: Herknungr, NYTT LAND, Dreyma, Månegarm, Powerwolf, Etc.

By way of the “Pink Moon“, so far April has graced the Kurgan with some fantastic releases and brand new sounds from folk and metal artists from all over the world.

April 16, 2022 — The first half of April has brought tons of musical excellence by way of the dawn goddess as she dances forth under the Pink Moon. Spring-time full moons were unique events to our ancestors and in heathen cultures. Known as the “Pink Moon”, it is so named due to the blooming of wildflowers in April — hence, the name is somewhat misleading as the moon won’t actually appear pink. Read on for the rundown.


New Moon Fortnight: Neofolk & metal by Noiduin, Bjarla, Sowulo, Faun, Danheim, Foresaga, Etc.

In this ‘New Moon Fortnight’ we cast an eye over the latest and greatest Kurgan-approved releases in neofolk and metal, and a couple of new, promising artists.

April 1, 2022 — As the new moon of April occurs on the first date of the first month of magical spring, the forces of folk and metal team up once more to gift the world with a variety of artistic endeavors and some rather epic music. With such a bountiful bevy of recently-released material, we put veteran music journalist James Paterson to task with articulating the finer points of today’s neofolk and metal rundown.


New Moon Fortnight: Folk and metal from Morhana, Kjell Braaten, Vanir, Nattramn, Etc.

In the latest edition of ‘Full Moon Fortnight’ we cast an eye over the latest and greatest Kurgan-approved releases in Neofolk and Metal.

March 16, 2022 — In the depths of dark nights, we can always rely on turning to the moon for bathing in the eerie light that gives life to the darkest corners of the earth. The new moon has graced us with a hoard of new, impending releases from the ever-expanding worlds of neofolk and metal. Read on as James Paterson details the latest from Wardruna, Kjell Braaten, Sun and Moon Dance, Sabaton, and more. FULL STORY »

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