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Sun and Moon Dance Strips Back, Single ‘Harvest Moon’ Turns A Capella

The music draws on a profound sense of natural order to offer sonic environs familiar to anyone acquainted with contemporary Nordic folk.

November 19, 2020 — Sometimes it is important to remember that folk music  particularly within the contemporary pagan and Nordic folk pantheons is seen as a way to connect inner human emotions with cultural history, mythology, and nature itself. It is in this spirit that North Carolinian music project Sun and Moon Dance returns with.. FULL STORY »

Norse-French folk project SKÁLD returns with ‘Viking Memories’ Album

A respectable work of art despite its prevalence in contemporary popular culture.

October 29, 2020 — Despite its prevalence in contemporary popular culture, the influence of Norse tradition and mythology remain largely centralized to the Scandinavian peninsular, Iceland, and parts of the.. FULL STORY »

Hulkoff’s ‘Pansarfolk’ is Wild Folk Metal Brilliance

Ambition is in no short supply where HULKOFF is concerned — the new Pansarfolk is released as a duo-lingual album split between English and Swedish vocals.

October 6, 2020 — Back in 2017, Swedish composer and metal extraordinaire Pär Hulkoff embarked on his first solo musical odyssey. Worlds away from the staccato-industrial metal stylings of Raubtier (a highly successful band he created in 2008 and has fronted ever since) and the sunshine-and-Western-soaked vibes of his.. FULL STORY »

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