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Full Moon Fortnight:
Rounding up neofolk, hard rock, metal

Kurgan Compass™ premieres biweekly, jam-packed ‘Full Moon Fortnightly’ article series that will round up the best new Kurgan-approved releases of 2022.

January 16, 2022 — The Kurgan is proud to premiere our first bi-weekly ‘Full Moon’ roundup series that replaces the weekly updates of 2021. The new year started off jam-packed with interesting releases in metal, hard rock, and neofolk. Leading up to the full moon, artists like Sun and Moon Dance, Sowulo, Sabaton, Heldom, and The Hellacopters, and more, ensured a steady stream of new releases. FULL STORY »

Final 2021 Weekly Roundup: Tributes to Winter, The Witcher, and Genghis Khan

The year ends on a high note for neofolk and folk metal with new EPs, unique tracks, and a “debut” live album that is sure to put a Polish folk band on the world map.

December 26, 2021 — The year may be coming to a close, but that does not mean the distinct sounds of neofolk and folk metal will be taking a break. We were expecting another slow week as this is our final weekly roundup for the year, but lo and behold, we were greeted by a myriad of releases that provide all sorts of galder-chants and metal-making rune magic.


Weekly Roundup: Sowulo’s Big Week, Volbeat; Nattramn Launch New Albums

Though not the busiest roundup, the week brought excitement through big announcements and new music launched from the best in neofolk and metal.

December 12, 2021 — There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a Yuletide drink and the intoxicating sounds of neofolk. Well, unless you are fueling your day with a jolt of caffeine and folk metal — either way, this week’s roundup is brimming with audio choices to accompany either scenario. Artists like Sowulo and Hellung topped the media circuit this week as new albums, new tracks, and even exciting new announcements gave neofolk fans something to revel over.


Weekly Roundup: Faun, Bjarla, Sun and Moon Dance, Erdling, and more

Faun features Lindy-Fay Hella on their new single ‘Galdra’, while Erdling gives us a taste of the afterlife with the album ‘Helheim’

December 5, 2021 — This week’s roundup is absolutely jam-packed with great music from fantastic artists. Featuring singles from Faun and Bjarla, a three-track sampler for the upcoming album by Sun and Moon Dance, and the new albums released by Erdling and Gåte. Whether you prefer metal or folk, there’s more than enough to whet your appetite.


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Receive a weekly summary from Kurgan Compass every Saturday.