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‘Eastern Exorcist’
Action RPG Review

July 26, 2021 — The most recent release from Chinese publisher Bilibili, Eastern Exorcist is a hack-and-slash RPG that somewhat surprisingly does not make use of Free2Play mechanics — the established business practice in China for most games. Eastern Exorcist instead offers a more traditional approach to monetization — players pay once, as with a typical western title.


Weekly Roundup: Danheim, Bjorth, Herknungr, Osi

July 24, 2021 — It has been a few busy days for fans of Nordic folk music — artists seem to be revving up for autumn and winter. Over the course of last week, news of upcoming albums and the haunting auditory delights of new tracks filtering into the Kurgan Compass™ sphere of awareness. Mark Ottarp provides a full roundup.


Album Review:
Gealdyr — ‘Eptir Ragnarök’

July 17, 2021Eptir Ragnarök is the latest blossoming of the longstanding cooperation between growing Dutch neofolk artist Gealdyr (Jonathan Barendsma) and Danish dark-folk artist Danheim (musician and producer Mike Schæfer Olsen).


Lightning Strikes Death To Remind Us Of Nature’s Peril

July 12, 2021 — If you are not a little shaken by the power of Mother Nature now may be the time to reconsider your position. During a storm that rolled through India’s western state, lightning struck a watchtower connected to an ancient defense structure from the 1100s, killing 11 tourists in the process.


Editorial: The Rise of “HU” and Mongolian Folkrock

July 8, 2021 — Have you ever stumbled upon a new genre of music and wondered why it is been absent? You could be a 30-something lover of the auditory arts, but somehow, the distinct sounds of an entire subgenre of music have avoided your ears. And, to be honest, it is maddening.


Initial Vibes:
Rúnfell — ‘Tyr’ (Single)

July 6, 2021 — German neofolk artist Rúnfell seeks to rekindle the spirits of their Nordic forebears through traditional instruments and powerful music that evoke weather-beaten ships and shores, long-forgotten battles, and the fickle gods of a bygone era.


State of Play:
Neofolk Live Events

July 3, 2021 — Much to the chagrin of folk and metal fans around the world, the popular Wardruna’s North American tour has once again been put on hold, while European concert-goers have been greeted with the cancelation of the two largest folk & metal events.


Album Review:
Munknörr’s ‘Shaman’

June 30, 2021 — Munknörr’s latest record Shaman continues the sonic journey of neofolk duet Damian Schneider and Aethelwyne, with their new material seeking to discover a unifying essence of primal spirituality through ancient sounds, instruments, and symbols.


Forthcoming: ‘Pathfinder:
Wrath of the Righteous’

June 28, 2021 — In 2018, Pathfinder: Kingmaker became the first video game set in the Pathfinder universe. Later this year, fans will be able to continue their Pathfinder adventure from where the first game left off, as a direct sequel titled Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is in the works. FULL STORY »

Osi Teases New Album With ‘Folk of the Woods’ Video

June 23, 2021 — Ohio-based Osi and the Jupiter has released a new music video ahead of their much-anticipated new album. The surprise-drop song, which has a distinct country vibe to it, is the lead track of Osi and the Jupiter’s highly anticipated new album “whose details will be revealed soon” according to the band. FULL STORY »

Mythical Creatures:
The Minotaur

June 15, 2021 — One of the most famous myths of ancient Greece is that of the bull-headed human-animal Minotaur that comes from the island of Crete.


‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids’

June 11, 2021 — Continuing to prove his status as one of the world’s foremost experts on traditional Norse music, Wardruna’s Einar Selvik returns to the universe of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla to aid the creation of another soundtrack adventure for the game’s first expansion. FULL STORY »

EP Review: Draugablíkk’s
‘Wolves of Hyrkania’

June 5, 2021 — Timeless and enigmatic Russo-Nordic trio Draugablíkk has emerged from the shadows once again to deliver the first, atmospheric, half of their Wolves of Hyrkania EP. FULL STORY »

EP Review: Gåte — Til Nord

June 1, 2021 — Mainstays of the neofolk scene, Norway’s Gåte may have been around for over twenty years but that does not mean they aren’t able to produce thrilling surprises when the mood takes them. FULL STORY »

‘Resident Evil: Village’
Video Game Review

May 25, 2021 — Let this sink in: the Resident Evil series has now been around for a full quarter-century, launched on the PlayStation 1 in 1996 more or less exactly 25 years ago.


Romanian Skull Shakes Up Theories of Evolution

May 24, 2021 — Researchers led by Sweden’s Uppsala-University-geneticist Mattias Jakobsson have super-sequenced the genome of a woman who lived in Europe some 35,000 years ago. FULL STORY »

Series Review:
‘Castlevania’ — Final Season

May 20, 2021 — Four seasons in, Netflix’s adaption of the Castlevania video-game series has opted to end on a high rather than risk overstaying its welcome. With a spin-off already announced, the series’ popularity is not in question — but can it stick the landing? Spoilers ahead….. FULL STORY »

Munknörr To Release New Album ‘Shaman’ in June

May 17, 2021 — Atmospheric neofolk outfit Munknörr recently provided details of their upcoming album, titled Shaman.


Herknungr Returns With New album ‘Ættingi’

May 13, 2021 — Ambient neofolk project Herknungr has just released their full-length follow up to the Anglo-Saxon-inspired Ængletribe EP, released earlier this year, in the shape of Ættingi.


Mortal Kombat (2021) Review

April 30, 2021 — It has been almost 30 years since Mortal Kombat first worked its way into fans’ hearts — mostly by tearing them still beating out of their chests. Mortal Kombat remains one of gaming’s most beloved beat-em-up franchises and it is surprising it has taken almost 24 years for the series to return to the silver screen. FULL STORY »

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