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Nattramn: An Interview with Andreas Axelsson

Between runes, the poetry of the skalds, and things that go bump in the night, we discuss the rebirth of Andreas Axelsson’s Fornsken as Nattramn.

February 12, 2022 — Swedish folk music artist Andreas Axelsson’s earlier Fornsken project underwent a rebirth last year, leaving behind the name Fornsken in favor of a new neofolk moniker, namely that of Nattramn. Speaking recently to Kurgan Compass, Axelsson explained the nature of his project’s newfound identity and the nightly beast to which Nattramn owes its name.


Will Hunter — Vévaki

Infusing their songs with a mythic quality accompanied by real Old Norse lyrics, we sat down with Will Hunter of Vévaki to discuss the future of the band and more.

October 9, 2021 — Kurgan Compass™ speaks to Vévaki’s frontman and founder Will Hunter about where the band is heading next, a bit about the musical stylings of last year’s Edda album, the instrumentation necessary to create ancient music, the new band members, and more.


Interview: NYTT LAND’s Anatoly Pakhalenko

Inspired by the Poetic Edda and the endless expanses of Siberia, we speak to the male half of NYTT LAND’s life force to unveil what is weaved into their sonic rituals.

August 12, 2021 — NYTT LAND, the enigmatic neofolk duo from the frostbitten, dark, and brooding woods of Siberia ascends as one of the more captivating musical forces in neofolk. The folk music pair is set to weave an abundance of rituals through the release of their recent album that is so named — Ritual. FULL STORY »

Interview: Alex McCree of Herknungr

Forged in between ancient culture and modern production, English heathen project Herknungr gives us some insight into what makes the ‘ÆngleTribe’ tick

April 23, 2021 — The brainchild of Kent-born Alex McCree, Herknungr is forged in the meeting point of ancient culture and modern production. The sound of the heathen folk project is rich and atmospheric, exploring the stories and cultures of times and tribes’ past. FULL STORY »

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