April 8, 2021 — In a recent report by The Siberian Times, it is stated Russian scientists “defrosted” and brought two roundworms back to life that had been frozen in the Arctic permafrost for a rather mindblowing 40,000 years.

Consequently, the pair of roundworms is now the oldest living organisms on Earth. Also, a research document referenced by Interesting Engineering indicates one of the worms came from an ancient squirrel burrow that was stuck in a melting megaslump in eastern Siberia called “Duvanny Yar” and is considered a key permafrost site by archeologists.

The Duvanny Yar roundworm is around 32,000 years old, while the other worm is circa 41,700 years old, and was found in the Alazeya River that flows into the Arctic in the northeastern part of Yakutia in Russia.

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