January 16, 2021 — Symphonic metal band Bloodbound’s music has remained constant throughout its career. Almost becoming a Swedish heavy metal institution since its inception in 2004.

Bloodblound’s recently released single When Fate Is Calling is a powerful and majestic song.  That never strays too far from a traditional heavy metal base. While staying true to the power and symphonic metal accouterments.  Almost bonding to its listeners while bringing them into a modern power metal world. One that has been created very precisely and with ultimate artistic perfection.

Emerging in 2005 with Nosferatu, the band’s dark image, which included corpse paint-style makeup, suggested a proclivity for black metal. But their sound hewed closer to anthemic power metal. With eight studio albums, a live record, and an EP under their belts, the Swedish metal-prodigies are returning in full force. With a renewed drive to take the band even further, we can’t wait to hear how their next album might sound.