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Will Neofolk Artists Embrace Live Streaming?

Few genres take live performances as seriously as neofolk, which might be why only a few such acts has streamed live. However, an argument can be made folk would benefit from the intimate focus of a digital show more than other genres.

March 9, 2021 — Norwegian neofolk legends Wardruna’s upcoming live show First Flight of the White Raven will be unveiled on Friday, March 26. The event is meant as a virtual special-show to celebrate their spectacular fifth record Kvitravn. FULL STORY »

‘Björth’ Brings Heathen Mix of Dark Folk Artist Collabs

German folk music project pioneers creative release-approach to reach fans through repeatedly dropping worldwide-collaboration singles.

January 28, 2021 — Germany is by no means unfamiliar with the principles of dark Nordic folk music. Though the country’s folk offerings have most often skewed towards medieval aesthetics and execution — giving rise to the folk metal subgenre known as medieval metal in the process, the country’s engagement with wider folk subgenres and scenes has.. FULL STORY »

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