February 24, 2021Herknungr has just released folk music single “ÆngleTribe”. Which bears a title that hints at the Germano-Danish people who gave England its name.

Headed by English solo artist, Alex McCree, Herknungr explores the sounds of ancient Europe. With a primary focus on Norse and Germanic cultures. Following today’s release of “ÆngleTribe”, Herknungr also let us know he will be taking a hiatus for around two months to laser-focus on other folk music projects. To find out more about the Ængle tribe, Wikipedia is a good place to start.

In short, the project was formed over a love of ambient music, ritual, and folk music. Each song aims to recreate authentic sounds by fusing modern sounds with historical instruments like drums and lyres that existed around 1000 years ago, at the end of the Viking Age.

The new single “ÆngleTribe” is available now on Herknungr’s Bandcamp page.