May 17, 2021 — Atmospheric neofolk outfit Munknörr recently provided details of their upcoming album, titled Shaman.

News of the album and its name was first revealed in a recent Kurgan Compass interview. Munknörr, which is made up of Uruguayan composer and musician Damian Schneider and Greek singer Olga Maragoudaki (Aethelwyne) recently posted more information about their upcoming album’s themes and release. The following statement appeared on social media and its Bandcamp page last week

“We are happy to announce that our new album will be released in June. Shaman as the name says, will have a very shamanic vibe and is our album with the most primitive and tribal vibe and sound so far. The album has shamanic and spiritual concepts, Nordic, Native American, and even some about Amazonian tribes.”

The pursuit of a common, primordial spiritual sound has been consistently explored and refined throughout Munknörr’s musical journey. It is anticipated these otherworldly concepts will be conveyed through indigenous folk instrumentation like the Native American flute, the Peruvian Siku, and a variety of vocal chants.

The upcoming release of Shaman follows on from the evocative ‘Wolf Spirit’ single from earlier in the year and a recently released track dubbed ‘The Beat of the Earth’ which was described by Schneider in our recent interview as “a long meditation video with flute and percussion” that sets the scene for the more spiritual tone of Shaman.

Munknörr’s upcoming full-length album, Shaman, is set for a June 10 release. ‘Wolf Spirit’ and ‘The Beat of the Earth’ are available to stream via Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube now.