June 23, 2021 — Ohio-based Osi and the Jupiter has released a new music video ahead of their much-anticipated new album. The surprise-drop song, which has a distinct country vibe to it, is the lead track of Osi and the Jupiter’s highly anticipated new album “whose details will be revealed soon” according to the band.

The video has a slightly saloonish, vintage Western vibe to it and is appropriately sepia-toned. The tone and forest setting works surprisingly well in conveying the band’s ambition for their upcoming material.

Osi included the following comment with the video release:

“Folk of the woods is a homage to beings that dwell amongst the shadows of the forests and the closeness they can bring you to nature if you respect the wilderness surrounding. It’s a Folk song dedicated to these special beings and landscapes.” — Osi and the Jupiter


German specialist label Eisenwald, which mostly deals in dark and extreme metal, is currently home to the American folk band Osi and the Jupiter. Its most recent release is the EP Appalachia which came out just about a year ago — in July of 2020 (available on Bandcamp.)