November 19, 2020 — Sometimes it is important to remember that folk music  particularly within the contemporary pagan and Nordic folk pantheons is seen as a way to connect inner human emotions with cultural history, mythology, and nature itself. It is in this spirit that North Carolinian music project Sun and Moon Dance returns with an acapella rendition of their latest single, “Harvest Moon”.

Stripped back to a simple vocal approach, the track’s spartan use of sound creates a desolate and haunting air. More closely resembling the original spirit of skaldic tradition. Released as a special treat for fans awaiting new material, the acapella version of “Harvest Moon” will be featured as a bonus track on Sun and Moon Dance’s upcoming new record Re:member. Speaking on the new record, the artist explains: “Re:member is a very simple concept but a lot of times it is the hardest thing for humans to do.” “Old Tree” and “An Eagles Blessing” from the upcoming record have premiered in recent weeks. Though as yet no official release date has been confirmed.

Since releasing a self-titled EP in 2015, Sun and Moon Dance has maintained a prolific work ethic. Consistently releasing EPs, albums, and covers (including “Hugsjá” by Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik in 2018). Their most recent release being Spirit Walker. A seven-track album released in June 2020 and recorded with the talents of Chris Rowansman (on multiple traditional instruments including the Bukkehorn, Nyckelharpa, Native American Flute, and Kraviklyra), Lydia Nichole (Vocals and lyrical contributions on “Circling Jera”), Mother Marrow (Guest Vocals on “Heart Of The Mountain”) and Velitas (Gaulish prayer on “Spirit Elk”).


Like many other neofolk artists, Sun and Moon Dance combines a sense of cultural tradition with their own unique experiences. Crafting music that is equally indebted to the ancestral heritage in Northern Europe and the rural folk stylings of Appalachia. Their music draws on a profound sense of natural order. Offering sonic environs that should be familiar to anyone acquainted with contemporary Nordic folk. All this despite being thousands of miles from the fjords and forests of Scandinavia. This approach takes full advantage of Sun and Moon Dance’s own unique artistry. Creating something deeply personal against a rich, culturally identifiable backdrop.

Listen to the new track over at Sun and Moon Dance’s Bandcamp page.