November 19, 2021 — The week is not done until music fans have read up on the latest neo- and dark folk tracks that have been released recently. There is plenty to enjoy in this roundup, with many of the tracks (successfully) relying on the power of string instruments to carry the signature sounds of Norse culture (while we have heard some of the tracks before, new music videos provide a fresh, different experience.)

The Nordic musical tradition is spreading like wildfire as artists around the world are picking up the talharpa to interpret the ancient sounds of Scandinavia, Finland, and the Viking Age, with highly talented artists from faraway lands like Ukraine and Uruguay featuring below.

Kalandra Releases ‘My Kingdom’ from the game ‘Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands’

Eons ago, the Norse Vikings ruled over their lands through power and strength. It is often a theme with games inspired by this fascinating culture, and the Norse Lands DLC expansion for Kingdom Two Crowns is no exception. While the indie adventure is a game worth raving about, it is the official soundtrack we are here for. To coincide with the release of the game, Norwegian pop-folk band Kalandra posted an official song and music video ‘My Kingdom’ on YouTube that is cleverly shot from the side as a nod to the sidescrolling gameplay of  Norse Lands.

Inspired by the award-winning Kingdom Two Crowns, ‘My Kingdom’ is a beautiful track that was composed as music for the game’s expansion trailer. It is a fitting song for the game, which sees players building their kingdom from the ground up to eventually pass it down to their descendants. The game music is all about passing a responsible legacy to the young, new generations.

Apparently, ‘My Kingdom’ is only one of many songs crafted by Kalandra for the game’s soundtrack with the remaining tracks to become available sometime in 2022.

Much to Unpack in A Tergo Lupi’s New Single

Rising dark folk act A Tergo Lupi pulled no punches when composing its newest track, ‘Fade Under’. The intro of the track suggests something a little more subdued and tribal, but as the song progresses and more elements come into play, it’s evident that ‘Fade Under’ is anything but simple. Strings, drums, and layers of vocals work together to create an intense dark folk track fitting the genre. A Tergo Lupi describes their music on Bandcamp as “melting dark neofolk atmospheres with industrial influences, tied tightly to the Nordic voice of the tagelharpa and to the depth of war drums.”

As great as the vocals are, the true star here is the talharpa, which undercuts the track with a haunting sound. It is the perfect element of A Tergo Lupi’s single and helps amplify the darker tone. Everything comes together even more in the stunning music video, which is a cinematic experience in the misty mountains of a forgotten land.

Munknörr Debuts Official Video for ‘The Calling’

Find a secluded spot in the middle of an expansive field of dense forest and sit silently for a spell. That noise you would hear, the mingling of brushing grass or rustling leaves is what Germano-Uruguayan folk artist Munknörr would call nature’s magical secrets. And it is these whispers from Mother Earth that embody this melodic track.

‘The Calling’ is a tribute to the ancient wonders that surround us, and the alluring vocals capture the essence of nature’s cries. The new music video has been produced in Sweden by Lina Johansson and stars Swedish model Amanda Hallgren who is known as The Forest Fairy and can be found on Instagram.

‘The Calling’ is absolutely a great way to get us listening and in tune with what nature has to share.

Pororoka Releases Music Video to ‘DPM’

Only last month, we wrote of a new track from Pororoka, a Ukrainian dark neofolk artist with a remarkably unique sound. ‘DPM, or ‘ДПМ’in Pororoka’s native Ukrainian language, was truly haunting, with a steady hum and almost whispered vocals overlaying the soothing sounds of a bow gliding across two strings. Recently, the band released an official music video of DPM, accompanied by some truly striking imagery.

Though much of the video focuses on the band, it is interlaced raging infernos and fires engulfing residential areas as well as forestry; indicating an underlying message to call attention to human-made forest fires and how we all should be careful with campfires and lighters out in the open — in fact, up to 97% of wildland fires that threaten homes are caused by humans according to KTHV’s Wildfire Watch.