March 31, 2021 — As many of our readers already know, Warhammer is a tabletop miniature wargame that has become an international franchise and pop-culture phenomenon. Especially in the recent decade.

Chaos Rising is a fan-made Warhammer film that is currently in production. Its Kickstarter campaign took off roaringly with an impressive concept video, a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign, a replica 1200s CE motte-and-bailey setting, and a world-renowned stunt team getting ready at its back before launching into full production.

As articulated in the Kickstarter video presentation, Chaos Rising is set to be filmed on location at Duncarron Medieval Village; a living history site that comprises a hand-made and carefully constructed medieval settlement supported by the Clanranald Trust, which is an educational charity based in Scotland

The Old World of Warhammer is a sprawling fantasy setting. That packs in more races, monsters, and lore than can be conveyed in a short form. In an early clip of Chaos Rising, a band of Norscan Svarthammer marauders lays waste to the fortified Brettonian settlement of Raissal. Killing and maiming its citizens to venerate the chaos god Khorne. Bringing “Blood for the Blood God” to him.

Evolution of the Warhammer Franchise

Taking inspiration from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Poul Anderson, and Michael Moorcock, the first edition rulebook for Warhammer released in 1983. The franchise lore has been developed since the series inception in 1983 through various rulebooks, ‘White Dwarf magazine’, ‘Inferno! magazine’ and more than 150 novels set in the Warhammer universe. One key element that has remained timeless and persistent is the corrupting threat of Warhammer’s Chaos gods.

Warhammer-owner Games Workshop took on a new business strategy some years ago to expand its licensing efforts. Including partnering with top video game developers without requiring a license fee but instead sharing in the profits. The video game collaboration approach has paid off in spades for Games Workshop. Culminating in a myriad of critically acclaimed, top-charting video game titles bearing the Warhammer moniker. Helping the franchise become more popular than ever.

Remarkable Chaos

Chaos Rising is written and produced by members of the Clanranald Trust and will employ the skills of experienced stunt team Combat International, a specialist stunt team that has worked in the film and television industry for over 25 years. Combat International has appeared in high-budget movies like Gladiator, Norsemen, Robin Hood, and Justice League. Always bringing an assortment of props and equipment that the stunt team has amassed over the years. Such as a trebuchet donated by the production crew of Outlaw King and a battering ram donated by Russel Crowe. Above all, everyone involved in the Chaos Rising fan-film project is an enthusiastic, long-time fan of the fantasy table-top wargaming franchise. Clanranald Trusts’ devotion to Warhammer is genuine and real. Their attention to detail visible in the promotional clip is more than outstanding.

The Chaos Rising promo is delivered with gore, fire, humor, and an impressive degree of skill and costuming. While some diehard fans of the franchise have quibbled about the accuracy of some outfits and weaponry concerning the realms of Warhammer, it is worth noting these were the props available to the film crew and team. Who had to work with what they had without a proper budget. Moreover, the Chaos Rising team has confirmed via social media they are making every effort to bring their fandom hobby to the big screen with detail and passion. Design and production have already begun for more props, sets, and weapons from the Warhammer universe.

Gore Goals

Since the beginning, Chaos Rising has not only reached its initial funding target but blew past further stretch goals of £15,500 and £17,500. Allowing the film crew to include an authentic, warlike longship and masses of practical effects; including prosthetics, gore, blood squibs, and pyrotechnics. The project is nearing its third £23,000 stretch goal. Which, if met, will extend the production with even more action-packed battle scenes.

This is a Warhammer fan-film project that has everything going for it — except an official license. As such, it is an entirely fan-made, unofficial short film. The broad portfolio of Combat International’s work as a specialist stunt team is enough on its own to stoke excitement for the project. Coupled with the rich, dark world of Warhammer as its setting and feverish fan support behind it, Chaos Rising looks certain to bring the brutal world of Warhammer to life in the most epic way imaginable.


Chaos Rising quickly reached its initial funding goal and is currently pursuing stretch funding on Kickstarter. Those who want to support the production of the marvelous short film have until May 4, 2021.