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Osi Teases New Album With ‘Folk of the Woods’ Video

Americana band Osi and the Jupiter gives fans a taste of upcoming album; video released on neofolk-metal label Eisenwald’s YouTube channel.

June 23, 2021 — Ohio-based Osi and the Jupiter has released a new music video ahead of their much-anticipated new album. The surprise-drop song, which has a distinct country vibe to it, is the lead track of Osi and the Jupiter’s highly anticipated new album “whose details will be revealed soon” according to the band. FULL STORY »

‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids’

June 11, 2021 — Continuing to prove his status as one of the world’s foremost experts on traditional Norse music, Wardruna’s Einar Selvik returns to the universe of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla to aid the creation of another soundtrack adventure for the game’s first expansion. FULL STORY »

EP Review: Draugablíkk’s
‘Wolves of Hyrkania’

June 5, 2021 — Enigmatic dark folk trio Draugablíkk has emerged from the shadows once again to deliver the first, atmospheric, half of their Wolves of Hyrkania EP. FULL STORY »

EP Review: Gåte — Til Nord

June 1, 2021 — Mainstays of the neofolk scene, Norway’s Gåte may have been around for over twenty years but that does not mean they aren’t able to produce thrilling surprises when the mood takes them. FULL STORY »

Munknörr To Release New Album ‘Shaman’ in June

May 17, 2021 — Atmospheric neofolk outfit Munknörr recently provided details of their upcoming album, titled Shaman.


Herknungr Returns With New album ‘Ættingi’

May 13, 2021 — Ambient neofolk project Herknungr has just released their full-length follow up to the Anglo-Saxon-inspired Ængletribe EP, released earlier this year, in the shape of Ættingi.


Interview: Alex McCree of Herknungr

April 23, 2021 — The brainchild of Kent-born Alex McCree, Herknungr is forged in the meeting point of ancient culture and modern production. The sound of the heathen folk project is rich and atmospheric, exploring the stories and cultures of times and tribes’ past. FULL STORY »

Interview: Munknörr’s Damián Schneider

April 19, 2021Munknörr translates to “ship of the mind” in the Old Norse language and is a neofolk cocktail of mysticism and the arcane. We sat down with Munknörr’s Uruguayan composer and producer, Damián Schneider, who was kind enough to participate. FULL STORY »

Siniestro Switch Off the Lights For Vortexx

April 16, 2021 — Stockholm-based thrash-metallers Siniestro have dropped the second video for ‘Black Acid Rain’ from their upcoming album Vortexx. FULL STORY »

‘Flight of the White Raven’ Livestream Review

April 2, 2021 — For the second year in a row, Nordic folk scene-leaders Wardruna find their wings clipped when it comes to heading out on the road in support of their most recent album, Kvitravn. FULL STORY »

Slipknot-Legend Corey Taylor Talks of Next Album

March 12, 2021 — While talking to Matt Pinfield of website/channel 95.5 KLOS’ New & Approved series, Taylor said the band has kept busy working on the follow-up to 2019’s album We Are Not Your Kind. FULL STORY »

Will Neofolk Artists Embrace Live Streaming?

March 9, 2021 — Norwegian neofolk legends Wardruna’s upcoming live show First Flight of the White Raven will be unveiled on Friday, March 26. The event is meant as a virtual special-show to celebrate their spectacular fifth record Kvitravn. FULL STORY »

:NODFYR:’s ‘Eigenheid’ Album Delivers Ancient Holland

March 4, 2021 — Hailing from the Gelderland region in the Netherlands, heathen folk/black metallers :NODFYR: have forged compelling music inspired by the language, nature, culture, and history of their homeland since 2011 — the band sings exclusively in Dutch. FULL STORY »

EP Review: Wolvencrown — ‘A Shadow of What Once Was’

February 26, 2021 — Much like their genre compatriots Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone, Wolvencrown have managed to conjure the very scent and texture of the deep and damp woods through their craft. This simultaneously imposing and awestriking aural environment continues to be at the forefront of Wolvencrown’s sound in their new EP: A Shadow of What Once Was. FULL STORY »

Herknungr Drops Surprise Single Release on Bandcamp

February 24, 2021Herknungr has just released folk music single “ÆngleTribe”. Which bears a title that hints at the Germano-Danish people who gave England its name. FULL STORY »

Neofolk Project ‘Tvinna’ Fuses Electronica With Folk

February 22, 2021 — All too often, Norse culture is associated with men and war. Often in contradiction to the prevalence of women in both mythology and historical records. The popular perception of Nordic culture often centers on the man’s role in society. FULL STORY »

Hrafngrímr releases new Single ‘Fylgja’

January 30, 2021 — Folk music act Hrafngrímr has released a new single entitled Fylgja. A newly formed group spearheaded by German-born Mattjö Haussy. A former vocalist/instrumentalist of the Franco-Nordic super-folk group Skáld. FULL STORY »

‘Björth’ Brings Heathen Mix of Dark Folk Artist Collabs

January 28, 2021 — Germany is by no means unfamiliar with the principles of dark Nordic folk music. Though the country’s folk offerings have most often skewed towards medieval aesthetics and execution — giving rise to the folk metal subgenre known as medieval metal in the process, the country’s engagement with wider folk subgenres and scenes has.. FULL STORY »

Danheim & Heldom Take On The New Year With Viking-Inspired Neofolk

January 24, 2021 — Danish folk music stalwarts Danheim and Heldom have released a surprise team-effort: .. FULL STORY »

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